Candle Care

There is more than one reason why we love soy wax candles. First of all, our candles are natural and don’t contain petroleum. Next, they burn cleaner. Additionally, they usually last longer and produce a better scent. But, if you want to feel all these benefits you should be prepared to take proper care of your candle. It’s not a difficult task, here are a few handy tips.



Before you light the candle, trim the wick to around 5 millimeters. This helps get an even burn and stable flame, which helps prevent mushrooming and sooting of the wick.

Prevent draughts

Another good tip is to prevent draughts in the room where the candle is located. By doing this, you will be able to increase burn time, prevent smoking and again promote even burning.

Don’t overuse it

You should also let this candle rest every now and then. According to some experts, soy candles should not be burned for more than 4 hours at a time. After snuffing them out wait for about two hours before lighting them again. This amount of time is more than enough for the candle to cool down. Overheating can affect its structure and create other problems.

Rely on a safe lighting tool

Even the way you are lighting soy candles has an impact on their life cycle and integrity. The best way to light a candle is to use a grill lighter or a long match.

Create a distance

There are situations when people want to use multiple soy candles. If you want to do this, remember to keep these burning soy candles three inches (or more) apart. When they are stacked closer, there is a great chance that they will start melting one another.

Don’t keep them in direct sunlight

You should not store or keep your soy candles in places where there are exposed to direct sunlight or under spotlights. Discoloration is just one of the things that you can expect if you are not avoiding direct exposure.

Take care of the wax pool

The wax pool should be clean all the time – remove the wick trimmings, debris and matches from this area in a timely manner.

Put out the candle when something doesn’t feel right

In case the candle starts flickering, smoking or the flame is too large, you should put out the candle. All these things indicate that something is wrong because the candle is not burning in the right way and the flame is not managed right. After the candle has cooled down, trim your wick.

We hope that these tips will help you enjoy your Little Bird Soy Candle.