Our Story

We choose the best ingredients like eco friendly soy wax, sustainable cotton wicks and hand pick the finest oils to make our candles the best. All our products are 100% recyclable, and you can even reuse or return the glasses.

The Idea

We love candles and we know you do too, they are personal, they are part of our lifestyles.  

We love creating the finest small batch candles and pour each and every one with love and precision.  We think of our customers and have perfected our product to offer you something kinda special.


Style & Quality

Whether you burn them regularly or keep it sitting pride of place in any room of the house, our candles look awesome, smell awesome and leave you feeling awesome.

We hate cheap candles, they are cheap to buy because they are cheap to make, they smell cheap, and look cheap, you deserve better.

That's why we decided to create something different.


100% Natural hand poured

We believe in sustainable living and buy in bulk to reduce transport & packaging.  We use the best eco-friendly sustainable soy wax and fine fragrance oils, paired with cotton wicks to create clean burning, natural products that leaves your home smelling fantastic.

It's vegan friendly and we can guarantee that no animals were harmed or used during the making or testing of our products.